A Method for Irish Concertina

Mick BramichIt has long been a scource of enquiry to me, that the Anglo concertina seems to have fallen into the hands of people who cannot and, indeed, will not acknowledge the instrument's full potential. This is not a quote from some long forgotten authority but simply a comment upon the state of playing as I see it in my travels around the music scene in England. Apart from a small handful of well respected mentors of the English style (William Kimber to name but one and his influence obviously in terminal decline), I see and hear no-one implementing a more melodic method than the rather tired 'up and down the rows' system.

I have devised a range of tutor books to cover all elements of playing the Anglo from the position of the absolute beginner with no prior knowledge of the instrument to those who wish to try their hand with the Irish style. The three books lead you step by step towards a more fluent playing style which will enhance both your confidence and performance levels.


About Mick

Mick has been reconstructing songs from the Sabine Baring Gould manuscript for well over thirty years and for the past twelve years has been on the road with a three man show covering the life and work of the Devon collector. The show, which is continually being revised as new material comes to light, lasts for about one and a half hours and includes songs, stories, dance music and dialect readings from his work. Mick – voice, guitar and concertina, is joined by Les Noden – voice, guitar and concertina and Bob Mann – dialect stories and readings. For further details of 'The Parson and the Village Songmen', contact Mick via the Contact page.

Mick Bramich still performs as a solo artist singing and playing traditional songs and tunes at folk clubs, festivals and organisations across the country. The Anglo books also create opportunities for players at all levels to take a tuition package for their group or festival.