Irish Concertina style tutor

The Irish Concertina For all Anglo Concertina players who ever wanted to play Irish style....

The ultimate tutor for the instrument, which takes a completely new look at expanding the potential of the humble Anglo. You have seen and heard Irish players – now do it yourself.

Extracts from a review for The International Concertina Association newsletter by Harry Scurfield:

"..a clear, well-written, beautifully printed and laid-out method on playing a single–note melody style. Sound principles!"

"The well thought out diagrams are beautifully clear, and I do like the "do it yourself " note chart......Tunes are crisply printed in straightforward settings.....There is good discussion of the many pushing/pulling issues which beset Anglo players..."

"A most welcome addition to Mally's catalogue; there is information here to suit English players interested in the repertoire, too! If you are at all interested in this music, get it!"

Sample page from The Irish Concertina

Sample from the Irish Concertina CD: An Paistin Fionn (The Fair Haired Boy)